New page added covering the musical heritage of the village added complete with a number of new photographs. Also new photos added to Events and Photos pages.

Many more memories added and the history of the Mills has been expanded considerably with the help of Anne Robertson (nee Parker - daughter of Doctor Robert and Molly Parker) and Bev Payne (descendent of Janet Milroy daughter of Robert Milroy who founded  Waulkmill).


New page added which will cover the history and stories about Kirkcowan's woollen mills - this is only a starting point and will be expanded in due course. The piece includes an aerial shot of the mills and photographs of three of the Milroy family. I would welcome any contributions from family members of those who used to work in the mills - eg amusing stories which have been passed down the generations.

More photos added to 'People' and 'Football' including the missing photo of the burnt out club house of Tarff Rovers


Lots of photos and info about the school's 150th celebrations added.

Check out the new website available to all of us  at http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/asearch?search=kirkcowan
The site has aerial views of the UK (including Kirkcowan 1930) - see if it has changed !

New school photo added 1956/57


Longer version of the rail journey from Dumfries to Stranraer (Port Line) added CLICK HERE

New 'football' photo (circa early 1940s?) added to 'Photos' page. Two named players - Tom (Bud) Dunlop and William McKie.

John McQuaker 1933 - 2012
Well known resident of the village John McQuaker has died. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. 

Kirkcowan School -150th Anniversary
In May 2012 Kirkcowan School will be 150 years old. The school was opened in
1862 under Headmaster Mr John McCallum who had been the headmaster at the Parish School Ballgreen until it closed at the same time. There is more historical detail about the school on the 'Schools' page but CLICK HERE to see how Kirkcowan intends to celebrate the anniversary.


Historical information added to 'Little Known Facts'.


- A new community website has been set up for the village which will let you know what clubs/groups meet in the village and will also list upcoming events.

- more info at www.kirkcowan.com.

- Margaret Hyslop, formerly of Balgreen Farm and James McColm celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary - see new Congratulations page.

- Information added about audio recordings made in the village in 1962 and 1982 by the School of Scottish Studies - see Little Known Facts.

August - More Little Known Facts added
              New 'Events' page added with photos

May- June - July - More memories and Little Known Facts added.

15th April  - The McCutcheon family (en masse) visited the village to honour the memory of Malcolm, who had planned to show his grandchildren where he grew up ( more details and photos of the visit will appear later). 

11th March More photos added and a new memories page

20th January - Seeking information about Church fire - see Blog

16th January - Musical History added to 'Little Known Facts'

12th January  - More photos added

5th January 2011 - Malcolm McCutcheon passed away - please see   Obituaries- entry provided by his family who are in our thoughts at this sad time