Over the years I have acquired a number of street views of the village - a large number given to me by Willie Paterson.

These are some of them which I will  to put in historical date order (if I have got it wrong please let me know)


    Newton Stewart Road from Church on left looking up to junction with Main Street


Church Row towards the Church

School - looking up Main Street

Paterson's Shop in Main Street

Hamilton Crescent off Church Row

Main Street under snow in 1947

Looking up Main Street circa 1900

Looking up Main Street from where hall is now - note the thatched roofs

Looking down Main Street - Sign on left by Craighlaw Arms

Looking up Main Street - King's Garage now just up on the left

Looking down Main Street - different shot but Craighlaw Arms sign on left

Looking down Main Street from just below Church

Get the flags !  Yet again Craighlaw Arms on the left

Looking down Main Street - Village Hall on left

Looking down Main Street - just below playing fields on left

Main Street junction with Newton Stewart Road - Rae's Baker's Shop on left hand corner.

Main Street - former Post Office (James Crozier) on left

More to come .......................