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 am trying to find out more about my great grandmother Emily Holme nee Riddle. She was born in 1843/1845 in Kirkcowan to a William Riddle. They later lived in Birkenhead where he was a clerk. I have had not success with the Scottish deaths, marriages, births. Sue Brown   (Note: Kirkcowan name would have been Riddell)

My father’s mother was from Kirkcowan her name was Sara(h) McKie I think she belonged to the Salvation Army and played the piano. Many years ago my dad & mum visited Kirkcowan to enquire about the McKie family name unfortunately they didn’t have much joy. I would love to know more about her family I was called after her and apparently look very like her. She married Frank Knox from Belfast who was an evangelist they had 5 children of which my father was the youngest he was born in 1916. When he was 5 years old Sara(h) McKie died at the age of 39 while giving birth to their 6th child. I would dearly love to know more about her and if anyone reading this has any information I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Sara Crymble (nee Knox)

Hello, I noticed on your website you have a photo of the smith family. My grandmother Evelyn Smith is the youngest in the photo. I was wandering if you had any more information on the family nursery. Thank you for your help
(Note: The Nursery was located behind the family home (still used as a family home) in 43 Main Street (also known as Kirkmoor)- the last member of the family to 'work' it was your grandmother Evelyn's late brother John who spent his final years in Cumloden Manor Nursing Home in Minnigaff. He always produced a good stock of annual and perennial plants for the villagers).


Family history provided by Doug McClymont

While looking for something else I came across the KIrkcowan website and read it with some interest. My grandfather, James McClymont (1858-25/5/1935) married to Isabella Douglas (1865-20/10/1942) was the blacksmith in Kirkcowan until his death employing up to 9 others before motor cars slowed the business. Their wedding photo is shown below.


A photo of my grandparents is shown below and my grandmother travelling in the family trap.

They lived at Craig Cottage.

My father, John Douglas, was born in Craig Cottage on 22/5/1905. the fourth child and second boy. The eldest son, William, born in October 1902, died from TB on 7/4/1904. Three sisters made up the family, Jessie (Sloan), Daisy (Davidson) and the youngest Annie who moved to Monreith, The gravestones, erected by Janet Watson Galloway, of James, William and Isabella can be found in the Kirkcowan graveyard as well as that of 'Jeanie' Galloway.

My father was a chemist (now they are known as pharmacists) and after serving his apprenticeship in London sailed to Southern Rhodesia in 1928 on the 'Edinburgh Castle' together with two others who established themselves in the young country - These were Dyson Blair and Alastair Faed (from the Gatehouse painting family).  Alastair became a farmer and his farm was called 'Cairnsmore'. Dyson Blair was a doctor and founded the Blair Research Laboratories which did world renowned fundamental research for many years on malaria and bilharzia before being closed by Mugabe.


My father married Anne le Roux, Headmistress of Highlands School Salisbury, and I was born on 14/3/1945. My father remained a pharmacist his whole life and worked with a number of native Scotsmen in the then main pharmacy, Strachan's (Pvt) Ltd in Baker Avenue Salisbury.

I am an agronomist and ran my own consultancy company covering Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique covering all field crops grown in the area. I have seven e-books (Agricultural Handbooks) on Amazon Kindle but am now retired My wife is a radiographer. My sons have not followed any of the rest of the family - John lectures in the Classics Department of the University of Zimbabwe in Philosophy, Greek and Latin, while my second son Andrew is a Sound Engineer and IT Specialist with his own business.


Do you remember these 'weel kent' faces ?

Well I recognise Lizzie McKie (left front), Nelly Barry (middle front) with Isobel McCutcheon behind her and 'young' Hugh McNeill extreme right. Who are the others ?

The Likely Lads - I can guess at a couple but not sure - help me out.

Three Generations of McCutcheons:
Left Photo Peter McCutcheon.
Right Photo: back - Peter McCutcheon and his son Bob
                     front - Bob's sons Robert and Peter.

THE SMITH FAMILY who lived at Kirkmoor - the family ran a successful nursery business.

NELLY & MATT BARRY with SANDY McCUTCHEON at rear of photo

and his daughter Irene (blonde) in front of him.

at Wigtown Cattle Show in the 1970s

also in photo immediately behind are Marion (left) and Jim (right) McKenna



MURRAY McCORNICK with his prizewinning sheepdog

(from left to right) JOHN, ROBERT & MELVILLE RAE at the Bakehouse

DAVID RAE son of ROBERT RAE (Rae's Bakery)

- after the ceremony the couple were piped to their car by Donald McAuley and Robert Stewart from the village